100 White Dotty Frosted Matte Cellophane Personalized Bags

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- Quantity: 100 bags with stickers
- Made from food grade frosted cellophane
- Bag color: frosted/half transparent background with white dotty pattern
- Bag flat size : choice of 70x70mm or 100x100mm only can fit much smaller than the size
- Sticker: White color, choice of 40mm, 50mm and 60mm diameter (For your reference, in the ad picture 40mm sticker on 70x70mm bag and 60mm sticker on 100x100mm bag)
- Personalized stickers: please enter the names you'd like to print on the stickers. We just replace the names with yours. The design is exactly the same with ad picture (“love is sweet”, heart symbol and your provided names). If what you give is not names, it will overwrite our design and print only whatever you give. Please give instruction clearly if have any design or wording changes. (Any wording, any language)
- Friendly reminder: please make sure every single word, spelling are correct when giving instruction.
- Proof can be provided as per request.