Paper Lanterns & Paper Pom Poms

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Package includes:

* Small size set of 18pcs includes:
8x 20cm/8inch white paper lanterns
5x 25cm/10inch tan paper pom poms
5x 25cm/10inch white paper pom poms


* Big size set of 12pcs includes:
5x 30cm/12inch green paper lanterns
3x 30cm/12inch white paper pom poms
4x 30cm/12inch tan paper pom poms


 Paper  lanterns:

  • They are top quality hand made paper lanterns
  • Each lantern is flat packed individually with a metal frame expander and a setup instruction
  • The metal frame could hold light bulb and electric cord, but this package does NOT include wiring and light bulbs

    Tissue paper pom poms:

    • Comes flat-packed with a step by step picture fluffing instruction
    • Made with high quality tissue paper
    • Each pom pom comes with white ribbon